( April 2016 )


People all around the world buy flowers. 
It can be to brighten up their living rooms or to give to their loved ones.
One thing for sure is that flowers make anyone happy.

What is really sad is their short life span, sometimes only a few hours.
What is even more sad is that most of us would get rid of the flowers when they start losing their petals.

Flowers have a lot more to give than just beauty.

Potpourri is a set comprised of a vase and a container sitting on a solid walnut tray and it has been designed to encourage people to keep the petals from the flowers they buy. The petals can be placed in the container and used for very different things depending on the flowers. 

Rose petals for example have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, why not give it a try?
Dried petals can also be used to provide a subtle natural scent in rooms but can also be placed in a small bag in your wardrobe.

Potpourri is about making people see beyond the beauty of flowers and be aware of the full sustainable potential of a flower.

Don't throw your flowers,make tea
                                                  rose water

                                                  rose jam



Potpourri has been designed and made in Toronto with the help of my good friend and amazing human being, Alissa Coe.